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Lakewood Preschool Job Posting

The Director of Lakewood United Methodist Preschool is responsible for leadership, management, and administrative functions necessary to the Preschool and Child Care center in a manner that is programmatically, fiscally, and strategically consistent with the mission of Lakewood United Methodist Church and Florida Department of Children & Families. The Director reports directly to the Preschool Advisory Board.

- 30 hours a Week of Office Hours
- Experience in Childhood Development or Education
- Payroll and Book Keeping
- Develop Annual Budget with the Approval of the Preschool Advisory Board
- Supervise All Preschool Employees in Accordance with the Employee Handbook and Bylaws
- Communicate Regularly with Parents and Guardians
- Oversee Curriculum and Training of Teachers
- Report Regularly to the Preschool Advisory Board

Skills and Credentials Needed
- Proficient in Windows Operating System
- Payroll, Budgeting, and Invoicing
- Employee Scheduling
- Director Credentials (must be obtained by start of 2017-2018 school year)

Please send all job applications to: